Boat Prop Repair St Pete

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Boat Prop Repair St Pete

Trust our boat propeller repair and replacement services to keep your vessel in mint condition. We provide professional boat prop repair in St. Pete for vessel owners in Pinellas County and the surrounding Tampa Bay Area.

Who We Are

Do you need boat propeller repair in Saint Petersburg, FL? We at PJ’s Divers and Docks are located at the waterfront to give you the best service. As a family-owned business, we prioritize values like reliability, honesty, and quality workmanship.

Over the years, PJ’s Divers and Docks has steadily made its name through consistent top of the line propeller repair and replacement. Our top services come off the back of paying attention to your needs. We take the time to ask you the right questions to get you the exemplary propeller service.

Why Choose Us

We don’t just replace your propeller, we do adequate research into why you need a replacement in the first place. We take pride in all aspects of maintaining the bottom of your boat.  Every time you need boat prop repairs in St Pete, we are the team for the job. We treat your boat as our own!

Repair or replace?

Whatever the problem is with your boat propellers, let’s help you fix it. Do you require spun prop repair in the Tampa Bay Area? We can do it!

As long as you own a vessel, sooner or later, you will experience a ding or two on your propellers. Although most boat prop repairs will immediately charge you to change the propellers, this isn’t always the best move. Several factors can affect your consideration, such as :

  •  Was the propeller in good condition? Was it keeping your motor in the proper rpm range? A faulty propeller can lead to poor performance of the vehicle, poor fuel economy, and potential catastrophic motor damage. If this is the case, it might be expedient to replace it instead.
  • While driving your boat with the old propellers, did your boat accelerate well and corner smoothly? If yes, the ding can be fixed as long as it’s not too much.
  • Did your prop vibrate when you drove your boat? Any vibrating propeller is not in good condition and shouldn’t be patched up at all.

When we consider these factors and deem your propeller worthy of repairs, then we can move on to fix them for you. If not, we will ensure we get you the best replacement perfectly suited for your vessel.

Save Costs and Time

We offer a range of services for your boat’s propellers. Our Tampa Bay propeller repair services will save you cost and time. Ranging from propeller installation and removal to a thorough diagnosis and repair, we offer it all. We also provide underwater photos to give you a comprehensive assessment of your boat props.

Whatever the issue may be, we are well-equipped and capable of providing you with a solution. We always aim to return your vessels to waters within a week of your commission. 

Are you searching for “boat propeller repair shops near me” in Saint Petersburg, FL? Contact P.J.’s Divers & Docks for a free estimate today: 727-685-1090

Boat Prop Repair St Pete

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Boat Prop Repair St Pete

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