Performance Tuner Miami

Performance Tuner Miami

A great car usually features an efficient engine. Engine performance is an essential factor to consider when upgrading or buying a vehicle for many people. Fortunately, you can still improve the performance of your used vehicle by installing an engine tuner. There are multiple benefits of engine tuning.

First, you gain more horsepower. The ECU that comes from the manufacturer is accompanied by conservative software settings, including power settings. Remember, engine parts tend to become loose and shift positions with time. So to make your engine perform optimally again, the loose parts have to be put back to their proper places. This may involve refastening your engine’s cylinder head bolts and readjusting the valve-train and the carburetor’s speed. When you chip your car, your engine gets tuned up; this will help your vehicle achieve greater power and greater fuel efficiency.

Engine tuning ensures that the car is stable under various conditions, but it also means your vehicle has a greater power reserve. Chip tuning modifies the fuel/air ratio and timing, giving your vehicle extra power and torque.

Enhanced Fuel Efficiency

Doing an engine tune means that you will have to be more selective with the type of gasoline you use in your vehicle. The correct power tuners and performance chips can substantially impact your fuel economy. Often, an engine tune to get more fuel efficiency may reduce the vehicle’s horsepower. It is essential to decide what you want for your engine and your driving style.

Engine Tune-Up Accommodates Your Driving Style

The type of engine tuning you go with will be directly related to how you drive the vehicle or drive the car after the tune. Chip tuning allows you to make specific modifications to your car, allowing it to perform well while driving under specific conditions. We usually consult our clients to determine their driving style before an engine tune-up.

An Engine Tuner Will Give You a Cleaner Burn

Many different technologies need to work together to get the most out of your fuel, including the timing, fuel/air ratio, injection, transmission, and more. The cleaner the burn, the more efficient power; hence less build-up you’ll have. In addition, parts of your engine that is not working correctly anymore, including air filters, spark plugs, and distributor caps, will be replaced by new and better ones. These components usually break down with time and often require replacement. Installing new parts into your vehicle helps it run more smoothly and improves its overall performance.

If you are looking for power programmers and tuners and more advantages of tuning the engine in your car, we encourage you to contact our representative today. Additionally, clients should note that if you want to do a performance software upgrade or performance chip for a car and your vehicle still has a warranty, you can void that warranty. If the vehicle does not have a warranty anymore, this will not affect you.

Dragon Works Performance Chips offers quality tuner chips and engine tuning services in Miami, FL. Please visit our Facebook or YouTube pages to see our tuner chips in action.

Performance Tuner Miami

DragonWorks Performance Performance Tuner Miami

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