Piling Docks Tampa

Piling Docks Tampa

As one of the best dock builders in Tampa bay, we have years of experience in piling dock repair. We can design, plan, build, or repair old and new docks making them durable and low maintenance.

  • Dock piling construction

Whether you own a lake house, fishing camp, or a boat business, we can build high-quality piling docks for you. Our technicians are experts in piling dock installation and bulkhead/seawall construction.

We install durable dock piling to support your waterfront construction. Our staff will develop an ideal pier design and use it as a construction guide when fixing the piling docks. It ensures we build a sturdy piling foundation that can resist natural elements.   

We can install fortified sea walls to protect your property from flooding seawater. In addition, our bulkheads prevent soil erosion that can weaken your dock foundation. 

  • Dock piling protection

Our dock builders will install piling wraps to protect your piling foundation from water damage.  We also replace worn out piling to increase the longevity of your piling docks. In addition, our piling wraps protect you from wood splinter injuries. We also ensure the wood pilings do not snag your or fishing lines. 

We have been in the piling docks installation, repair, and maintenance industry for many years. Our years of experience have enabled us to establish excellent relationships with piling wrap manufacturers, which means that we can get raw materials at affordable rates. We pass on the cost savings to our clients. In addition, we will strive to complete your project in time and within budget.

  • Dock piling repair

We repair all types of dock pilings in Tampa. Our dock builders are experts in:

  • Wood piling replacement
  • Concrete piling restoration
  • Sea wall repair
  • Bulkhead replacement
  • Piling wrap replacement

Call us if you need your old dock construction renovated. We use the latest technology and quality materials to construct weather-resistant piling docks. Our dock builders will build a piling dock or seawall that fits your lifestyle and needs.

  • Attention to detail

Despite the high demand for Tampa Bay piling docks, we choose to focus on one project at a time. It ensures that we build sturdy piling docks or sea walls that meet your protection. Our attention to detail also prevents recurring issues on your seawalls and piling docks.

  • We are affordable

We provide affordable dock piling and sea wall installation/repair services. Our consultants will organize a consultation meeting to discuss your needs. We will then recommend the best dock piling design and building materials that suit your budget. We will protect the integrity of your waterfront construction at some of the best rates on the market.

We also provide free online consultation to new and existing customers. Once we have all the details we need, we will send you a quote that meets your budget. Our piling dock experts will then come to assess the seafront conditions in your area.

Piling docks and seawalls are vulnerable to seawater and harsh marine weather. Our dock builders will install piling docks/ seawalls that can resist these elements. We also protect your existing waterfront foundation by wrapping, repairing, replacing your piling docks. Please contact P.J.’s Divers & Docks at 727-685-1090 for a free estimate.

Piling Docks Tampa

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Piling Docks Tampa

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