Turbocharger for sale Los Angeles

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Turbocharger for sale Los Angeles

Generating a forced induction is the only way you can get a two-liter and four-cylinder engine to perform like a V8 engine. You can also use the same mechanism to give a V8 engine the power needed to provide the proper horsepower. 

One popular method of forced induction is turbocharging. It is the most powerful method and usually works well with most engines. There are, however, several types of turbochargers that could confuse or intimidate a newbie buyer. Do not make the mistake of entrusting the mechanic with every detail of your intended purchase.

A small one will not power your car while a big one will wear out your tires and waste your purchasing power. A little bit of preliminary information will specify the kind of turbocharger for sale in Los Angeles that suits your car.

How to choose a turbocharger

Center cartridge

This sector carries the weight of the shaft and supports the bearing assembly. Oil from the engine block maintains the temperature and keeps an operation fee of friction. A turbocharger with inlets and outlets will regulate the internal temperature for a better cooling system.


The right compressor makes up for the most critical part of the kit. Look for one that will pump air into the cylinder with maximum efficiency. Most manufacturers include charts and graphs that make a choice for the compressor easy. Make sure you match the compressor’s properties with the engine’s airflow rate and pressure ratio to ease the selection process.


The compressor wheel cannot spin with the turbine wheel and housing. Small turbines allow the compressor to turn fast for the generation of more airflow. A tiny turbine can, however, fill up the combustion chamber and make the entire process complicated.

The turbine should also have the most conducive area-to-radius ratio, and leaning towards a large hole in the housing that produces gives more power. The bottom line is ensuring that the diameter is fifteen percent of the compressor’s wheel.

Volume air density and efficiency

Complicated dynamics like air density and volume efficiency are some of the most important aspects of a turbocharger. Naturally, the engine depends on the inhaled air, and the total pressure to generate the right power for the car. A forced induction by the turbocharger compresses all these together to create an atmosphere that adds more fuel.

The single most important consideration for a turbocharger for sale in Los Angeles is the airflow. The airflow is the single most crucial aspect and automatically tramps the boost factor. High boost pressure will not be critical when its purpose is to make up for poor airflow in the cylinder. Ultimately, you should only focus on the airflow through the exhaust manifold, cylinder head, and intake to boost the engine’s performance. This case means that a cool and long-lasting engine will typically produce the power needed to maintain the torque and horsepower by the turbo.

Sampero Turbo Rebuild has several different turbochargers for sale in Los Angeles. You can find a rebuilt unit or a twin-turbo with detailed specifications that match your car and budget.

Turbocharger for sale Los Angeles

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Turbocharger for sale Los Angeles

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